Das Gesamtkunstwerk

Hermann Nitsch

16. Mar 2019 – 28. Jul 2019

Hermann Nitsch (born 1938 in Vienna/AT) is a co-founder of Viennese Actionism and is one of the most important action artists of the present day. His magnum opus, the Orgies Mysteries Theatre, is a new form of complete work of art. The idea for this was born in 1957 and has led to date to implement 155 actions, 75 painting actions and countless works in various art disciplines. With his oeuvre, the artist is one of the international pioneers of Performing art movement.

The exhibition at the Lechner Museum in Ingolstadt is dedicated to the Nitsch Gesamtkunstwerk with all its work disciplines and provides a comprehensive overview of the unique work of the universal artist, who sometimes lived in Bavaria for several years. The presentation on the ground floor focuses on Hermann Nitsch's 20th painting campaign, which was realized in 1987 at the Vienna Secession. It is considered Nitsch's main work and, according to Hermann Nitsch, is his only completely preserved painting campaign in the world and can be seen outside of Austria for the first time in this exhibition.

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On the upper floor, the Nitsch universe reveals itself in all its facets and introduces visitors to the world of Orgies Mystery Theatre, which focuses on the sense of being as a philosophical-theoretical basis. Nitsch is about the present, the direct and sensory experience of real events in the course of actions. It is about achieving a drunken state that makes the “flesh of reality” (Hermann Nitsch) consciously and directly tangible with the help of all human sensory organs. With this concept and the actions considered radical for many, Hermann Nitsch revolutionized the concept of theatre and expanded the concept of art of the 20th century.

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Information about the exhibition

Hermann Nitsch

16. Mar 2019 – 28. Jul 2019

curated by
Michael Karrer