Lisa Seebach

Eathy Liquids and Heavy Metal [Hypersleep]

11. Aug 2024 – 09. Mar 2025

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Unfortunately, the museum will be clsed from June 24 to August 10 due to renovation work.

We cordially invite you to the vernissage of our new exhibition Lisa Seebach: Earthy Liquids and Heavy Metal [Hypersleep] on
August 11 at 11 a.m.

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Sunday, August 25, 2024

2 p.m. Lechner Museum + 4 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt

Sunday, September 29, 2024
2 p.m. Lechner Museum + 4 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt

Sunday, October 27, 2024
11 a.m. Lechner Museum + 1 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt

Sunday, November 24, 2024
11 a.m. Lechner Museum + 1 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt

Sunday, December 29, 2024
11 a.m. Lechner Museum + 1 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt

Sunday, January 26, 2025

11 a.m. Lechner Museum + 1 p.m. Lechner sculpture park Obereichstätt


Regardless of whether you want to travel by car, bike, bus or train, here you will find all the details to easily reach us.

  • BY TRAIN: Take the DB Regio to the “Ingolstadt Nord” stop. From there, it's a 7 minute walk to the museum or a 2 minute taxi-ride. By ICE to “Ingolstadt Hbf”, from there 10 minutes by cab (approx. 10 euros) or by bus to the central bus station. From there it's a 3-minute walk to the museum.

  • By car: Take the A9 freeway to the Ingolstadt Nord exit, then follow the B16a westbound and the B13 until it joins Heydeckstraße. At the end of Haydeckstraße, turn left into Esplanade. The museum is approx. 150 meters on the right side.

  • PARKING SACES: There is a bicycle rack and two designated car parking spaces for museum visitors right in front of the Lechner Museum. Further parking spaces are available nearby in the Haydeck parking garage, Esplanade 5, or in the underground parking garage at the castle, Esplanade 1a.


We want all visitors to be able to enjoy the works of art in the museum — which is why accessibility is so important to us. That is why we have designed our spaces to be accessible to everyone. We offer barrier-free parking spaces, disabled toilets and elevators among other things.

Come by and discover the fascinating world of art with us.

  • elevators: Passenger elevators are available. The elevators provide access to all exhibition levels.

  • wheelchairs: are available on request at the information desk. It is of course possible to visit the exhibition rooms with a wheelchair.

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Our exhibitions

Lisa Seebach

Eathy Liquids and Heavy Metal [Hypersleep]

11. Aug 2024 – 09. Mar 2025

Share it - Marco Stanke and Alf Lechner

In the paintings by artist Marco Stanke (*1987), the canvas not only proves to be the carrier of the picture, but also as a spatial structure of paint, nettle and stretcher frame. Stanke's work oscillates between “pictorial field” and “pictorial world,” which tests the physical limits of the image and playfully abolishes the difference between what is “visually visible” and “in which” it is visible. By folding, cutting, bending and piercing the canvases, Stanke transgresses traditional boundaries of painting and expands the pictorial world into space. Part picture, part object, each new canvas reveals a new attempt at intertwining, which becomes accessible to the artist as “part of a collective” in the context of the work.


In Ingolstadt

The Lechner Museum

The Lechner Museum is dedicated to the work of steel sculptor Alf Lechner. Since its opening in 2000, the museum has established itself as a place for the examination of art since 1960 and presents internationally renowned artists and young pioneering positions in sophisticated temporary exhibitions. The museum is located in a converted former factory building in the heart of Ingolstadt.

à Obereichstätt


Nowhere else can you experience Alf Lechner's work as monumentally as when visiting the Lechner Sculpture Park in Obereichstätt. This extraordinary open-air museum is located on the 23,000 square meter site of a former Royal Bavarian Ironworks. In the middle of an impressive quarry, the sculpture park with its landscaped terraces and converted halls offers a deep insight into the artist's work.

Only accessible as part of guided tours.

About Alf Lechner

Alf Lechner (1925-2017), born in Munich, is considered one of the most important German steel sculptors. In the more than sixty years of his sculptural work, he created more than 800 sculptural works and over 4500 drawings. With almost 80 sculptures in Germany alone, Alf Lechner is one of the most represented sculptors in public space.

His work is always about the relationship between technology and art, between rationality and emotionality, between reflection and process, between calculation and chance. Alf Lechner founded the Alf Lechner Foundation in 1999, opened the Lechner Museum Ingolstadt in 2000 and lived and worked with his wife Camilla in Obereichtstätt in Bavaria from 2001 until his death in 2017.

à Obereichstätt

The Alf Lechner Foundation

The museum is based on the Alf Lechner Foundation, a non-profit foundation under civil law, which was established in 1999. Its aim to make the life and work of artist Alf Lechner accessible to a broad public and also to make it tangible for future generations. The Foundation is involved in the administration and art studies of his oeuvre, organizes exhibitions and guided tours, and publishes publications. In collaboration with the City of Ingolstadt, she is the owner of the Lechner Museum and is responsible for designing and implementing the exhibition program. The foundation's Obereichstätter site, which is independent of the Ingolstadt Museum, is also home to the Lechner Sculpture Park, the associated exhibition hall and the so-called “paper house”, where you can experience the artist's graphic work.

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